Friendly Nudge

Live your fullest life. Don’t get caught in the cyber quicksand of endless scrolling, clicking, and watching. Nutu Unglue gives you a friendly nudge (nutu in Latin) if you’ve been using your screen continuously for 30 minutes. An easily exitable pop-up appears with a useful tip, inspiring challenge, or thought-provoking quote.

About Us

Nutu Unglue is a free app started as a charitable service by a Texas nonprofit corporation funded entirely by donations. Nutu Unglue does not collect or store any data, does not sell any product or user information, and exists only to benefit its users lives.

Example Nudges

Unglue: Text a friend
Unglue: Can anyone use your help right now?
Unglue: What’s the most fun thing you could be doing right now?
Unglue: What profit is there to gain the whole world but lose your soul?
Unglue: What are three amazing things God created for us?
Unglue: Could anyone use your help right now?
Unglue: If this were your last day before going off to war, what would you do?
Unglue: Do push-ups or air squats
Unglue: Pray for someone in need
Unglue: What are you most thankful for in this moment?
Unglue: Write your future self a letter
Unglue: Is there any work you still have to do today?
Unglue: What else could you have been doing the last 30 minutes?

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